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As the leading OEM recommended lubricants, Klüber is the leading specialty lubricants manufacturer in the world. Klüber lubricants are specially formulated to meet all types of conditions in the industry. From high temperatures above 500deg.C to humid, cold, dusty, etc., you can trust Klüber products to handle.

As the authorized Klüber Lubrication Distributor, we are there to support you achieve your production goals. Whether you are looking for boaded coatings, corrosive preventatives, greases, oils, pastes, release agents, sprays or waxes, Klüber has it.

Typical Klüber Applications:

Cement Plants
Tough conditions in production of building material.
Air compressors, Assembly pastes, Compressor, Coolers, Crushers, Electric motor bearings, Gear Couplings, Gear rim/pinion drive, Gears, Heavily loaded bearings, Mills, Oscillating screen, Oven/dryer, Roller presses, High pressure grinding rollers, Separator
Safety in Foods & Drinks.
Klüber Food Grade lubricants are H1 registered, ISO 21469 certified and FDA compliant
Glass Industry
Save costs by using high performance high temperature lubricants
Application areas: Batch House, Cold End, Hot End, Peripheral Equipment

Pulp & Paper Industry
Lubricants that meet challenging operating conditions in paper plants.
Anti Friction Bearings of Felt Rolls, Drying Cylinder, Idle Gears, Whilte Metal Bush Bearing of Applicator Rolls, Calendar Rolls, Pope Reels, Paper Roll

Lubricants that meet Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards
Klüber pharmaceutical lubricants are H1 registered, ISO 21469 certified and FDA compliant

Rubber & Plastic Industry
Avoid residue formation by using Klüber lubricants
Areas: Extrusion, Film stretchers, Injection moulding, Rubber processing, Tyre manufacture - vulcanizing

Steel Rolling Mills
Optimum lubricants for reliable production
Areas: General application, Milling, Pig Iron production, Raw material preparation, Steel production

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