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The World's No. 1 Industrial Grease Pump - Foot-Operated, For Every Plant and Equipment Maintenance Team.

The G.Gun. As powerful as it looks.
Easy to use
Super Fast in greasing
Most Effective
Industrial Grade
Extremely Robust
Most Affordable
It does it's job.

Every maintenance team needs one. Try it.




G-Gun Industrial Foot-Operated Grease Pump delivers 3cc of lubricant at 9,000 psi with little physical energy by merely depressing the pedal. Lifting the pedal back up returns the remaining grease in the 2m long hose back into the canister, thus eliminating dribble/mess and extending coupler and nipple life. Foot operation of the G.Gun leaves the hands free for a one-man operation. The pedal can also be hand-pumped if underneath low machinery. All moving parts are inside the 8kg capacity reservoir and are continually lubricated by the grease thereby reducing their wear. The clip-on lid keeps out rain, dust and other contaminants when left outside, and the handle hinges away for easy re-filling. It is the perfect greasing pump for your lubrication technicians.

Click here to download The G.Gun Brochure & Product Sheet.

Foot Operated Grease Pumps
Greasing Coupler
The not easy greasing with a regular grease gun. You need 3 hands making it ineffective.
No hands in use. The foot grease pump allows you to grease with ease.
The G.Coupler holds onto the grease fitting. Compartible with all grease guns too.
It is unsafe to climb equipment and grease with both hands on the grease gun.
Safety concerns are addressed with the G.Gun. It provides for safe greasing regardless of the grease fittings location.
This is how tough it gets greasing those not so easy to reach grease fittings.
Greasing hard to grease areas is made easy. Just connect the G.Coupler, step back and grease.
Six (6) More Reasons to buy the G.GUN
Durable - It will give you service year after year.
Easy To Operate - Your lubrication technician will love doing greasing unlike with the regular grease gun.
The 8kg grease capacity reduces your refilling frequency
Grease faster and smarter - Grease lots of equipment in one go
630 Bar pressure allows you to easily remove any blockages
No Air is required making it ideal for your offsite lubrication needs.

Give the G.Gun a try. Full Refund Guarantee.

You are fully protected by our Full Refund Guarantee. If you are unhappy with the product within 30 days of purchasing, return it for a full refund. No questions asked.

ONE LOW PRICE. ONLY $348.00 Incl. V.A.T.

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