Understanding Manual vs Automated Lubrication
Understanding the difference between manual versus automated lubrication is very critical to determining what solution you require for the lubrication of your equipment in order to reap the benefits of a world class lubrication program at your plant.

The most common question asked is; "What is the difference betweek manual and automated lubrication?" or "Why go for automated lubrication when we can manually lubricate our equipment?"

The answer is best answered by the illustration below.

Manual Lubrication: Infrequent greasing, overgreasing, undergreasing and contamination are predominant in manual lubrication.

Suitability of manual lubrication:
- Few lube points within an area
- Equipment requires infrequent/ long grease intervals
- A good lubrication program exists
- Cost of poor lubrication is not costly e.g. failure may not affect production by much

- Motors
- Pumps
- Automotive
- Repair workshops


Automated Lubrication: Small, frequent amount of lubricant while the bearing is in motion.

Suitability of automated lubrication:
- Many lube points on an equipment or area
- Equipment require frequent/short lubrication intervals
- Cost of poor lubrication is expensive because of the cost of the equipment as well as lost production
- Cost of labour is high
- Environment is very harsh such that automated lubrication keeps contaminants out e.g. water, dust

- Conveyors
- Cement Mills
- Chains
- Drives
- Complete Machines

In Summary


You can take a gun to a knife fight and win. But never take a knife to a gun fight and expect to win. Manual lubrication has its place. Automated lubrication has its place. It is important to evaluate what your plant requires not based on cost but what is suitable. Of course automated lubrication is more expensive. But what is more expensive - to have your equipment fail and lose production plust related repair costs due to poor lubrication? Automated lubrication is what smart companies go for when they cannot trust manual lubrication 100%. Do you trust your manual lubrication?

The Droplex Industrial lubrication team will do your plant audit and provide suitable solutions to achieve your lubrication needs. If you do not trust your lubrication program, machinery lubrication training may be the first step to start towards achieving a world class lubrication program.


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