Oil Circulation Systems

Oil Circulation Systems are used for lubrication as well as cooling of bearings working in a high temperature environments and for heavy-duty motor driven gearboxes.

LINCOLN Oil Circulation Systems are custom designed based on the individual application requirements. They primarily consist of;
- Reservoir
- Pumps
- Valves
- Filters
- Heat Exchangers
- Pipes & Fittings
- Appropriate instrumentation and controls
- Other special devices e.g. magnetic separators, accumulators e.t.c.
oil circulation system
Typical Applications & Industrial Areas
Cement Plants
Pre-Jacking System, Tunion Bearings of Mill, Gearboxes of Support Rollers of Rotary Kiln, VRMs
Pulp & Paper Industry
Anti Friction Bearings of Felt Rolls, Drying Cylinder, Idle Gears, Whilte Metal Bush Bearing of Applicator Rolls, Calendar Rolls, Pope Reels, Paper Roll
Turbines & Large Motors, Pumps, Centrifugal Compressors, ID Fan
Power Plants
Pedestal Bearings/ Roller Bearings, GearBoxes, Breaking & Jacking Systems of Hydrogenerators, Turbines and Large Motors
Steel Rolling Mills
Gearboxes of Furnaces, Roller Bearings of Edger & Rougher Mills, Descaling pumps


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