Oil Transfer & Contamination Prevention Solutions

Our Droplex Industrial OilSafe Systems provide solutions to your oil transfer, lube storage, dispensing as well as contamination prevention. It is time to replace your old metal oil cans with OilSafe systems which will eliminate costly contamination issues. With 10 different lid colors, lubricants are quickly identified thereby reducing the chances of cross-contamination and adding the wrong oil to expensive equipment.

Oil Transfer Solutions

Oil transfer to the various equipment especially gearboxes and hydraulic reservoirs can be a daunting task without the proper handling containers. Droplex OilSafe containers with specially designed lids do the work well. The are easy to carry around and have enough capacity as you require. They also help in eliminating leaks at the nozzle spout or should the container be knocked over accidentaly.

Contamination Prevention Solutions
Proper handling of oils is critical to equipment reliability. Contamination prevention is at the very heart of a world class lubrication program. Contamination of lubricants is one of the largest contributor if not the largest to lubrication related equipment failure. However, it can easily be avoided by using the proper tools readily available.

10 different lid colours
Oil drums in 2, 5 &10 Litres
Spout or hand pump ( only for 10 Litre drums)

Safe Storage Cabinets
Instantly organize your lubricants and equipment area with these high quality Droplex Industrial storage cabinets. These versatile fluid safety cabinets are ideal for fuels, solvents and lubricant storage. Whether it is a statutory requirement because of safety or the need to keep a clean environment, storage cabinets are a must in proper fluid management.

Your Advantage
- Protect valuable lubricants from contamination
- Proper handling will minimize the rist of dangerous and costly oil spills and leakages
- Lubrication work is easier, faster and safer.

Maintenance Lubrication Teams for all industries in;
- Food & Beverage
- Cement
- Glass
- Mining
- Automotive Repair Shops

OilSafe Containers
OilSafe Lids
Storage Cabinet


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